Excursions in TVs



On 7th January 23 students from our school visited Czech Television Broadcasting in Ostrava. There we learnt lots of interesting and valuable information about the making news report from choosing the right topic, recording the video, narrating the news to editing them. Students debated with the manager of TV reporting.

Then we had guided tour and we visited all the important rooms such as TV newsrooms where regional news are broadcasted during the day, studio of direction and editing studio. Students really enjoyed the day and now they are all eager to try to make the news on their own. Here are some photos to see.





On 19th January, a group of students from our school visited a local TV station in Suceava. It was the first step from our project activity How news is created (A6) and proved to be an interesting and useful experience.

Students first entered every studio and saw where news is created, edited and broadcasted. Then, they were explained, step by step, how to choose the news and how to sequence news according to its importance. They also found out that the facts related have to answer the: who, what, when, where, why, and how of the news event and they also have to pay attention to the style of the report: short, concise sentences with action verbs. And, the most important, they must report the story objectively.

Students were excited about the trip, which answered all their needs for the activity they have to fulfil.


We have visited the Nigde Tv, a local TV in our city. They gave us very precious information about How the news is created. 

- The information we are using in the news should be correct.

- It can be sometimes too time-consuming because you shoot a video for 2 hours, but after editing the video you just use just 5 minutes of it.

- They use edius program when they edit the news.

- They use a prompter when they present the news.

- You have to take the permission of people who are in the news.

- You have to be careful about the ads because if you are using a brand name in your news, you have to be carefull advertisement rules in your country.




This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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