Czech Republic

14.10.2015 19:01

The Primary School of Peter Bezruc is located in the centre of the urban area of Třinec, which is an industrial town. There are 246 pupils in 10 classes from the age of six to fifteen. The total number of staff is 40, including 21 teachers at the elementary school, 4 teachers at the kindergarten, 4 assistants for pupils with special needs,  and 11 other employees - cleaners, cooks and office workers.
Because of its small size the school is considered to be a "family school“ providing general education. All the subjects are taught in a modern way in modern well-equipped classrooms and labs usually with interactive boards or data projectors. Both teachers and students can use the wireless connection. Concerning the language education students start learning a foreign language (English) in the 1st grade. Later on the second language is added in grade 7 (German, Russian and Spanish are on the offer). We also put emphasis on ICT education and pupils are guided and encouraged to use modern technology tools in the school subjects.
We devote all our efforts to students´ needs and we try to react quickly to any negative changes in the school environment. Almost over a decade we have been cooperating successfully with the local police forces and pupils of all age range are involved in their programme. In this way we try to face bad behavior such as violence, bullying, truancy, repetitive failure and so on.
These are often the consequences of the family background of the pupils, as the area around the school is affected by unemployment (7-9%), gambling and alcoholism. More than a half of the pupils grow up in single-parent families or have one step parent.
The economic situation in most families is not very good and for that reason the school tries to prepare free or inexpensive activities (sport, drama, crafts clubs, choir etc.) There are annual festivals for pupils, like Christmas singing, carnival, singing and recitation on Mother´s Day and the Earth Day Project. The school organizes a few excursions for pupils to learn about the Czech Republic, although mostly within the local area. Every year we organize a ski course for the older students.
However, to lower the risk of social exclusion and improve the social atmosphere within the school, regular meetings with psychologists and similar specialists, lectures and team building activities are organized for both pupils as well as for teachers.
Our area altogether with the nearby villages has a rich mixed culture influenced by other two countries in the close border area, Slovakia and Poland. Tough life in the past, the Beskydy Mountains  and rich folklore have been imprinted in this area, which can be currently seen. Showing the different lifestyle and culture to our partners in the project will enrich their view of variety of other countries.
The experience that our students and teachers will get in this project will undoubtedly bring them benefits in the form of making new friends, getting to know other national cultures, developing their language and communicative skills. Finally it will enlarge awareness of European Union.




This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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