Plan for November

06.11.2016 13:18

1. Speaking Assessment Guide - it is crucial to finish it. There are only few things to be done.
- analysis: it turned out to be a little problem because while Tereza would fail the exam in Czech and Bulgaria, she would pass it in Turkey and Romania, on the contrary Aleš would fail in Czech and pass in Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey.

results of anylysis:
Cz - Aleš  53, Tereza 53
Ro - Aleš 68, Tereza 67
Bul - Aleš 63, Tereza 58
Tur - Aleš 66 , Tereza 64

So, when we make an average, the results are: Aleš 62,5 Tereza 60,4 what means they would both pass the test. I don´t know if it is good or not. I could ask Simon to do this assessment for us (if he is willing to do) to see if we are right with assessment.

- order of the captions and content
- final checking to make sure everything is logical.

We are preparing the contract with Simon these days so the sooner we give the Guide to Simon the better.

2. Skype conference - topic is an interesting one: Technology, Computers & Inventions, sth. students may like a lot, I guess

3. Finalize the video cards - upload them on etwinning sites and youtube. Some of them are already there. Keep in mind we need to upload 30 video cardsfrom each country created by students who are in conference. Cz - 4 missing, Ro - 6 missing, Tur - 5 missing, Bul - 14 missing (these numbers are taken from etwinning sites, I haven´t checked youtube :-)). Don´t forget the feedbacks!!!

4. Intellectual output O2 - keep working on the tests. I suggest to give them to Simon for proofreading, but every country have to pay for it on its own. Talk to you principals about it and prepare a contract or you can write it as your working hours and then send the money to Simon.

5. Recipe video Book - extract from the app form:

Video Recipe Book; Students with teachers´ help will prepare video recipes in which they include traditional and regional recipes of soup, main course meal, regional dessert, Christmas dinner, Christmas cookies;  CLIL method will be used to make 1 lesson plan in each partner school.
Time for activity - November, December

6. CLIL lesson plan - remember them, none of the lessons haven´t been created yet.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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