Project plan for December

30.11.2015 17:12

Project plan for December

1. video conference
- be sure to manage the conference in time before Christmas in December
- record some videos, take some pictures and upload them on eTwinning websites
- make a record of students´ and teacher´s feeback and place them on eTwinning

2. Seminars in Czech
- if you need to know some additional info, don´t hesitate and write to me
- you can pay for the seminars here in Czech, but the language school accepts only Czech Crowns as they don´t have Euro account
- the price is 7 563 Czech Crowns / 280 Euro
- I will confirm that your train tickets are booked this week and I will send you the invoice, so please check all the important information on it (name of your school, addresses etc.) to avoid problems later on
- to sum up all things: we have arranged you accomodation from Sun (13th) to Sat (19th) in the hotel + breakfast and little catering (we will try to give you the receipt of catering every day),
- the price of lunch, dinner and train tickets isn´t encluded
- not to kill much time with coming up with the ideas about Assessment Guide, please think about it with your colleagues, especially about following 3 things:
a) how many parts the test should have and which
b) which criteria the test should have in each part
c) what marking system we should create (how many points for each part)

- Alek will offer 2 dates for the 1st mobility in Bulgaria, for booking plane tickets and having them as cheap as possible, I will offer 2 dates for 2nd mobility in Czech

- bring here the list of team building games

3. please those who haven´t uploaded all the neccessary things yet, please do so.

4. Save my mobil for being in touch while you are here :-)


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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