Project plan for June

01.06.2016 15:41

Plan for June

1. skype conference - make it sooner because ofthe 1st transnational project meeting in Romania, topic is - transport. The same procedure as usual (pictures, videos on etwinning)

2. Transnational project meeting in Romania
- evaluation of the project - completed activites, fulfilled tasks etc., dissemination, problems (each coordinator will give a report about that)
- 3rd teambuilding camp in Romania - Oti will give basic info about it, we have to decide on a date
- IMPORTANT - we have to decide if we go to Turkey or not for sure, otherwise we will give some money back. Here are the options we have:
1. We will go to Turkey for the very last mobility - we will use the money from the budget
2. We will change the country (Czech, Romania, Bulgaria) - the hosting country will arrange the last camp and in that case hosting coutry can take double number of students to Romania to avoid giving money back to NA
3. We will cancel the last camp and we will give money back
- intellectual outputs
a) guide - changes, completion, additions, extention
b) test template - opinions, changes, especially part 4, suggestions,
c) video analysis of recorded students - each country will bring one recording of students, which we will assess
d) discussing new groups for skype conferences
e) discussing the upcomming project activities (pass it further, videobook of recipes, collaborating geocaching task)
f) Megabook of teambuilding games - responsibilities of parts

3. 1st public speaking - dissemination and students´ performance for parents and guests, invite as many people as you can, ensure pictures, videos, disseminate all the activities we have done so far by presentations, videos, etc. and let students speak

4. Half-term monitoring project report - we are going to write it together

5. Mobility webtool - if we have time, we will have a look at this web app to get familiar with it


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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