Project plan for May

04.05.2016 15:38

Plan for May

1. Skype conference - the topic is - Weather, Seasons; arrange the conference earlier this month because the last week you will come here for mobility (take photos, videos, write short article about it - an example is here -, upload your feedback on etwinning site.
2. Skype conference on 10th, 11th or 12th - we will discuss the team building games from Bulgaria (Alek will tell us the exact date) so that Alek can write down all the games into "Megabook"
3. Aplication form for project meeting in Romania - don´t forget to send an application form to Otilia until 15th May
4. Test template - find the pdf test template attached. We created a brand new template because we weren´t satisfied with the old one which wasn´t big help while testing. We especially focused on the structure of the test so that interlocutor will exactly know what his/her next step will be or he/she wouldn´t have to look for correct page etc. For better understanding we put symbols in it. :-)

Now, at this stage we would like you to go through the template carefully and tell us your objections, ideas, mistakes whatever what could improve the template. Keep in mind that it must be as easy for English teachers to use as possible. There are notes in red which you should pay attention to because sth. wasn´t good enough in the previous tests. Surely, they will be deleted later on.

Perhaps it won´t be bad if we test one pair of students just to see that it works better. Give us your feedback until the end of this Friday. Then I will sent you doc. file to you so you can adjust your own test according to this template. :-)

5. Mobility in the Czech Republic

a) I prepared a list of all the participants with accomodation which they wil stay in
b) I will send the detailed programme to you during the weekend


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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