Project plan for November

15.11.2015 17:52

1. Video conference - "Family and Friends"

  • to upload the feedback on eTwinning material/files folder
  • to encourage students to have a chat with partners in their free time, too
  • to take some photos from the conference, write short articles and upload them into eTwinning tool

2. Pass it further - Czechs start a new project activity.

3. Final seminars arrangements

  • to send the stamped and signed registration form
  • to make payment of envoice on time a week before the stay
  • to continue gathering as much material as possible for seminars (various parts of speaking, ideas for assessment of speaking, examples of your national testing, team-building games, etc.)

4. Dissemination -

  • to post the photos, articles,
  • to send an article about the project activity you do with your students at school etc.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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