M2 - Transnational project meeting in Suceava


Between 20th and 22nd June, eight teachers met in Suceava, Romania for a transnational project meeting. The aim of this meeting was to discuss, plan and evaluate matters of our project Let Us Speak.

During the first day we evaluated our project activites according to our project plan and then we focused on intellectual outputs. All teachers, as we agreed, brought one video of students doing speaking test and we tried to assess their speaking level due to criteria we created in the Speaking Assessment Guide.

In the late afternoon, the Romanian coordinator Otilia prepared an additional programme to show us a bit of Romanian culture. We set off to visit one of the oldest monasteries. The Voronetz Monastery is a medieval monastery situated in Voronetz village and then we sped to see Cacica salt mine located in the locality with the same name. We finished the day socialising together to straighten our partnership.

In the morning of the next day we visited Scoala Gimnaziala Berchisesti. We were introduced to the mayor of Berchisesti and the principal of the school. After we toured the school and ended up in class 8th, students who are mainly involved in the project, we could watch traditional dances and hear traditional songs prepared by students. The local TV from Suceava and local press were present for this speacial event too. You can watch and read the news and article here.

After that lovely opening of the day, we continuied working on our project matters. Later on we were invited for lunch by Romanian teachers to a cosy stylish restaurant in which we spent time talking mainly about differences of our schools.

The last day of our stay we began discussing the upcoming project activities. We shared work and responsibility and set the date for mobilities in Romania and Turkey with students as well as made steps for finalising intellectual outputs and multiplier events.

We enjoyed the stay in Romania and we all can´t wait to see each other during the first week in October, this time with students (actually we met on skype the very next day :-).








This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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