Intellectual outputs O1 and O2


Intellectual output O1

The ability to speak English is one of the main factors which influences achievement and satisfaction fundamentally in professional and personal life. Raising the language level, especially the active speaking and communication, is also one of the most important priorities in EU. As a matter of fact, it is necessary to begin to develop speaking and communicative competences of pupils at the early age, at primary schools, because it is a long-term process.  Our project reflects these needs in order to help and give students the indispensable skills to shape their future and succeed on the job market.

In cooperation with all the partners we will create a methodology which will describe the process of assessment of students speaking at elementary schools. According to the all partners national curriculum, the students should reach the level A2 that is why the guide will assess level A2 in accordance with CEFR for languages.

You can download the following files, use them in our classrooms as well as share and distribute them. No copyright is required.


Intellectual output O2

The Book of Speaking Tests is a set of 24 speaking tests for students at A2 level. They were created for teachers who want to rank their students into the appropriate speaking level. It came out from the lack of standardized speaking tests identified by groups of teachers from four different countries (the Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, and Bulgaria), working on an Erasmus+ project, Let Us Speak, aiming to develop and improve students’ speaking level and verbal interaction and lower their fear of speaking.

The authors wish to have and offer unified tests for Primary Schools in accordance with the CEFR for Languages. The Book of Speaking Tests comes out together with the Speaking Assessment Guide, a handbook providing guidance for teachers to assessing students at A2 level with detailed instructions provided.

Download The Book of Speaking tests: The set of 24 speaking tests for students at A2 level

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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