Multiplier event in Romania

The final conference of the project in Romania took place on June 23rd 2017, in Suceava. The event welcomed English teachers, school principals and authorities eager to find out what we've done during two years of activities, as well as useful information which could help them apply for Erasmus+ projects.

The programme started with the presentation of the project team and the activities completed in our project. Then, some children from the seventh grade performed the third Public Speaking, talking in details about the Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Turkey. After a break, the Speaking Assessment seminar took place, where the teachers were explained how the speaking test worked. They were also asked to assess two students attending the test (watching a video recording, of course) in order to familiarize themselves with the assessment and the procedure.

After so much work, it was time to play games. They were supposed to assure the teachers that this way the students bacame more confident in using English and they had a lot of fun with an educational purpose.

In the end, we offerd some basic information about the Erasmus+ projects, as well as some useful tips sprung from our experience.

After almost four hours, the feedback sheets were filled in and the certificates were given.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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