Multiplier event in the Czech Republic

On Wednesday 14 June the Let Us Speak project culminated in the final conference which was held by Primary School of Peter Bezruč in Tenis Hotel Vitality. The conference closed the two-year partnership connecting four countries including the Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria. Thirty-six teachers from twenty-one different schools came to hear the project results which organizators wished to share with them.

The participants could take part in three seminars. The Testing speaking seminar focused on the aspect of how to work with ‘The Book of Speaking Tests’ and ‘Speaking Assessment Guide’ created by a team of authors from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey. Specifically, they  concentrated on the assessment criteria that are used to judge the performance of the learners who take the tests. The emphasis was on applying them practically to sample tests that had been video recorded and discussion of the impressions we gained from what we had seed and heard and the marks that we had award. The seminar was lead by native English speaker Simon Gill, one of the leading experts in the field of speaking assesment.

The second seminar, Team Building games in practise, showed the teachers how to apply practically the team building games in their English lessons to enhance students´ speaking competences.

The final block described how the Let Us Speak project was created, implemented, monitored and evaluated during the entire period of its realization and intended to draw the teachers attention to the positive impact of Erasmus+ projects.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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