Wheel of fortune - skype conference

18th and 19th skype conference - People, Looks, Feelings, Lifestyle and Health, Jobs

Due to our mobility and transnational project meeting in Turkey and the public holidays we had, we couldn´t arrange a conference in May. We decided to make it now, in June, and make it a bit longer to give the students the last chance to communicate together at schools :-).

Unfortunatelly, the connection was very bad and most of them had to stick with writing....but they promised us to call their partners at home.

Well, this is the end.......I would like to thank all the students for their participation in this school year and I believe they will continue with the partnership on their own. GOOD LUCK!

Special thanks to my dear colleague, Oti from Romania, for arranging conferences with me and solving all the unexpected problems which occured during them :-).


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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