Students testing


On 13th October, 30 students from Elementary School of Petr Bezruc, Třinec, took complete speaking tests prepared by the teachers participating in the project.

In the speaking tests for A2 level, students take part in the number of two, in case of an uneven number of students, in three. There are two teachers who act the roles of an interlocutor and an assessor. The interlocutor speaks with the students, sets the tasks and conducts the test, while the assessor does not play an active role during the test. The assessor sits aside in such a distance from which a clear view of examined students will be ensured. The examiners must be familiar with both roles so that they change their roles after five examined pairs. The whole test lasts between 11 and 13 minutes.

The test consists of different task types:

• answering general questions on familiar topics
• collaborative tasks as asking and answering questions using prompt cards
• describing a picture as an individual discourse
• talking in a structured dialogue about real situation with the interlocutor

17 students passed the test successfully, which is 56%. 2 students passed the test with an excellent mark, 4 with a very good mark and 11 with a good mark. 13 students (44%) ended bellow the pass line.

The testing showed us the way in which the tests can be improved.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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