Wheel of fortune - skype conference

  • 23.10.2015 22:08

    1st video skype conference - Ro+Cz

    Romanian and Czech students had the 1st skype conferences today. Students were put into pairs and they had exchanged the skype names and had made the requests on skype before the conference started. And how did it go? Well...it wasn´t bad but it wasn´t good as well. We have to overcome some...

  • 23.10.2015 22:06

    Actvity description

    Wheel of Fortune - The main activity, during the whole time of the project, are regular video conferences between two countries in which students will communicate with their peers in order to improve their level of real speaking. 30 students from each country will take part during 2 years. Students...

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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