Creating news took and still is taking us busy


It seemed to be a simple task but when it came to it, it wasn´t. The students were devided into several groups, six actually. Each group chose a topic for the report such as: sport, weather, smog situation, reconctruction of railway station in Třinec, art exhibitions and Magical advent at Elementary School of Peter Bezruč. The members in the teams have to cooperate together which is not easy because of illness and absence of students. What is more, it is quite difficult to shoot a report about smog when there is no smog for at least two months. :-)

The three teachers observed and helped the students and also monitored what progress was being made. For better imagination we made a trip to Czech television in Ostrava and local TV in Třinec. In the local TV, they offered us to use their newsroom and two of our moderators could use their autocue (reading the news from the camcorder). They also helped us to extract both moderators and put them into the virtual newsroom by using the green screen (actually they are using blue one).

Each group is working on the completing the report now. Some of them have already finished but some haven´t. Students usually had to take several shots from different point of view to have enough material to choose from and work with. Then they had to use Movie Maker to cut the video. Often times students had to record a commentary at school again because the audio from the camera wasn´t good enough.

Are you looking forward to how they dealt with the news? Wait, it is comming soon. It´s done. You can watch Czech news here.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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