Collaboration geo-caching game

Teachers will hide 6 caches in their towns and put a message into each cache. Each partner country will prepare two messages for two caches. The message describes a route in the partner´s town. After the students find the caches, they will have to contact the students from a foreign country via the video-conference giving them the directions for the route in the message. The students from abroad mark the route onto the map of their own town and then will set off and follow the marked route to its end. There will be a word which they have to send back to the waiting students. This way they will get 6 words (clues). All the words give them a final word (a password). 1 lesson plan in each school will be made by the teachers using CLIL method and they will write the description of the game and produce the methodical material about the realization of the game, too.

The Collaboration geo-caching game took place on 7th day in June. After a long preparation with coordinator we could start the game at 8 o´clock among all four school. Running, searching, skyping, running again, breaking the codes with lots of laugh and funny moments the students figured out the password and were happy to enjoy extra ordinary day outside the school.

Fancy playing the game too?

The instructions are here. 


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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