C3 - Short-term exchange of groups of pupils in Romania


From 3rd to 7th October 2016, Berchisesti School hosted the third short-term exchange of groups of pupils within the Erasmus+ project Let us speak. We were together with our friends from the Czech Republic, Turkey and Bulgaria, spending a week of unforgettable moments in the team-building camp in Voronet.

We welcomed our guests even since Sunday, 2nd October and on Monday morning, after breakfast, we started the activities of the program. As it was the first day together, there were emotions and maybe some fear, but the ice-breaking games helped us overcome them quickly, breaking the cultural and linguistic barriers from the beginning. In the afternoon, we led our colleagues in a short walk to the Voronet Monastery, where we were explained the significance and its uniqueness.

The second day of the team-building camp was full of activities. We took part in various team building games for energizing, cooperation and communication.

On Wednesday, the cooperation games opened the day which continued, after lunch, with the long awaited trip to Suceava. We visited Suceava seat fortress, where the guide told us interesting fragments in the history of the place, and then we had time for an hour of shopping at a shopping center in the city. After dinner, we listened to the audio story carried out by the Romanian students (the seventh activity of the project, called Pass it further- chain story) and we invited our colleagues from Turkey to continue it.

Thursday was a special day. In the morning we set off  toward Rarau mountain, we admired the unique landscape of the place surrounded by the shy autumn sun and then, climbing toward the Lady’s Stones, we enjoyed both the beauty of the mountain and the first snow. The evening was also special, because we spent it together with the school headmistress and Madam Mayor, who proved that people in Bukovina are kind and hospitable.

Friday was another full day, but equally interesting. In the morning, after breakfast, we went to an adventure park in the area, where we filled our bodies with adrenaline climbing trees and following adventurous routes, a unique experience for most of the children of the camp.

After lunch, we led the guests to our school, where we were welcomed by the school headmistress, children, teachers and representatives of the City Hall and the Local Council. We toured through the school, gave interviews for a local TV, watched a short performance prepared by the children, then each team made a presentation of their country, town and school. After that we were awarded the certificates.

Back in the guesthouse where we were accommodated, we continued the games, but this time they were closer games, making us express our feelings. This is not easy at all, generally speaking. But this time, we all felt the need to share, to offer, to express.

So, the end came and we had to say goodbye. And, as it happened in each of our team-building camps, there were tears, hugs, cuddles, promises…







This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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