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After getting the story from the Czech friends, it was the Romanians' turn to create one. Therefore, all began with an announcement for selecting a story. Students were asked to come up with a storyline, a plot and main plan of the story and show their creativity. We received four good stories, so we had to choose and decide which one deserved to be narrated and recorded.

After a serious deliberation, we decided that the story created by the 8th grade students, Friendship Without Borders, should come out on top. The winners were awarded with certificates and presents (calendars and notebooks):


The authors had complete freedom about choosing the other people for acting the characters, for the roles appointed to those who wanted to be part of the story. We recorded it in two days, at the end of June, and then, during the summer holiday, it was edited and added sound effects.

According to our experience and equipment (or lack of them...), here is our story:

Friendship without borders

By: Alexandra Jitar, Lavinia Luscan, Doina Rusu, Ana Bialy, Diana Budeanu, Andreea Ianos, Luis Horga, Teodor Duca

June-July 2016

CHARACTERS: (in order of appearance)

Narrator: Doina Rusu

History teacher: Carmen Sincar

Laura: Laura Jitar

Lavinia V.: Lavinia Varvaroi

Andreea: Andreea Ianos

Ana: Ana Bialy

Lavinia: Lavinia Luscan

Diana: Diana Budeanu

Alexandra: Alexandra Jitar

Guardian: Andrei Stefaroi

Ghost Luis: Luis Horga

Ghost Calin: Calin Cojocariu

Ghost Alex, Geography teacher: Alex Magda

English teacher: Agnana Podaru



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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