C1 - Short-term joint staff training event in the Czech Republic


The first project mobility tooks place in the Czech Republic. Three teachers from each country particiated on this event. The main aim was to offer teachers set of seminars in which they got familiarised with the procedure of assessing students´ verbal ability. They also learnt new facts about Cambridge Exams for level A2 and B1.

In last two days they focused on new and inovated method - CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning. What exactly is it? According to British Council, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is a competence-based teaching approach that is gaining ground in European education systems. The idea is to teach both the subject and the language, and is captured in the phrase "using language to learn, learning to use language."

In the afternoon teachers from abroad had a chance to visint some interesting places in Třinec such as visiting Ironworks and and concert fo students from Musical School. Except from entertainment the teachers also worked in the afternoon on the project matters and started to create intellectual outputs of the project.

1st intellectual output is to create Assessment Speaking Guide for A2 level. Activity aim is to create an Assessment Guide for Speaking. In cooperation with all the partners we will create a methodology which will describe the process of assessment of students speaking. According to the all partners national curriculum, the students should reach the level A2 that is why the guide will assess level A2 in accordance with CEFR for languages. The group of teachers in each country will work on particular parts of the Guide. Teachers will prepare the guide in English language and in their mother tongues.

Teachers will test the function of the guide on students in own schools to confirm its validity. The leading country will be responsible for the final editing and language proofreading in English before it goes to press. Participating countries will be responsible for its own completing in their languages. The educational material will be posted on the project and eTwinning websites. It will be introduced on the multiplier events and given to the teachers. We will also send the material to School Inspectorates in each country.

2nd intellectual output is to prepare the book with 24 speaking tests for level A2. Whole this activity is connected with the 1st intellectual output. The students will be tested at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the project. During the project teachers will prepare 24 tests for level A2 and the assessment guide of speaking which will help teachers to use the unified assessing tool in all schools.

Each country will produce 6 tests for level A2. Each test will include:
- overall description
- overview for marking and timing
- visual materials
- the tasks for speaking


Photogallery of the stay - here


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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