C2 - Short-term exchange of groups of pupils - 2nd teambuilding camp in the Czech Republic



From 22nd to 27th of May 2nd team building camp in the Czech Republic took place at Beskydka Resort in Dolní Lomná village at the foot of the Silesian Beskydy Mountains. Four nations met again to fullfill the project aim - to develop and improve the participants´ speaking level and lower their fear and shyness of speaking.

This time we focuced on the problem-solving team building games. And because we wanted the whole stay to be more fun, we set the theme of the camp into time of GOLD RUSH.

Day 1

After breakfast all the participants gathered outside and were welcomed in a town of San Diego by the sheriff. They were divided into four groups and given istructions how to set out for the journey to the Klondike River in which they can pann for gold. Before setting off all the gold-seekers had to get necessary equipment such as a tent, a rifle, a sleeping bag, a pan for gold and more. For that they needed to earn money. How? By playing the games. The more games they won the more money they got. During the first day we played lots of games - Loony´s ice-breaking games, Find your leader, The Trees, Water for dying horses...

Day 2

Next day started with Hunting the stamps - a game in which groups went to the nearby village and had to collect as many stamps as possible. Where? Everywhere  – in the institutions, buildings, shops, etc. Of course, they had to speak English and solve how to overcome the communicationdifficulties with local people. And.... of course the Czechs weren´t allowed to use Czech :-).

After returning another game awaited them straight away. The celebration had just started in San Diego. And because it was a  typical western town the teams took part in classic cowboys games - Tidy up the saloon, Flying rope, Cowboy duel, Fast fist, Arm wrestling etc.

All the teams were colleting eagerly more and more but still they didn´t have enough of them. However, they got the chance in the afternoon. Rich dealers from Oklahoma came to visit San Diego in order to buy some Indians artefacts. The teams immediately started to make some. The Trees of happines were the most wanted.

Luckily all the teams managed to earn enough money to set off. But where? What direction? Well, they needed a map. All the teams got a coded letter and after they had broken the code they figured out the location where one part of the map had been hidden. Finally, all the teams found their part and put them together. They were free to start the journey.


Day 3

To relax after the games and enable our friends to get to know the beauty of our culture, we went on a whole day trip. We visited a beautiful Baroque castle in Hradec nad Moravicí and on the way back we stopped in Ostrava where we experineced U6 Science and technology centre with amazing interactive and problem solving tasks.

We also had a short stop at a shopping centre so that our frineds could buy some souvenirs.


Day 4

We contuinued playing games and the teams kept travelling across the unwelcoming mountain land. After completing one game the teams had the chance to throw the dice, actually two dice. One represented the number of movement and the second one the weather condition. If they were unlucky and threw "storm", they remained in the same place.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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