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23.10.2015 22:06

Wheel of Fortune - The main activity, during the whole time of the project, are regular video conferences between two countries in which students will communicate with their peers in order to improve their level of real speaking. 30 students from each country will take part during 2 years.

Students will regularly meet each other on the web space in order to debate on the chosen topic once a month. The participants will be put into pairs with the students from another country for one term of the year. The teachers will prepare topics and at the beginning of each month one topic will be chosen.

The conversations will take place at the end of each month to give students the chance to learn necessary vocabulary. The connection will be secured via the skype.

In the first project year the communication between our countries will be as follows:

  • Czech - Romania (list of the attandence - here , skype names - here)
  • Bulgaria - Turkey


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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