Plan for October

02.10.2016 13:16

Plan for October

1. Skype conference - the topic is Travel and Holidays, the same procedure (pictures, videos, feedbacks on etwinning sites). Osman and Yordan you have to do extra skype conference which you didn´t do last month.
2. Testing students - test 30 students (including 15 from skype conf. and other 15) like last year. You don´t need to record a video, but keep the record of the assessment tables (for example my NA wants some result of the testing so we use them for it)
3. Video cards - record 15 video cards of the students who take parts in skype conf. and exchange them with their partners, upload them all on youtube, surely you can use more students if they want. Here are the requirements:

  • max. length 2 min.
  • introducing yourself (bacis personal info - name, age, family, hobbies, school etc...)
  • capturing and editing video on your own (e.g. youtube editor, Windows movie maker)
  • the project and erasmus logo must be implemeted in the video card

4. Intellectual outputs O2 - send the tests to me as sson as possible because we need to go through them and combine them together (I haven´t obtained any new tests from Bulgaria and Turkey). Please go through your old tests and update them according to the last template (attached). Focus on part 2.
5. Video Recipe Book: teh extract from app. form ´Video Recipe Book; Students with teachers´ help will prepare video recipes in which they include traditional and regional recipes of soup, main course meal, regional dessert, Christmas dinner, Christmas cookies; CLIL method will be used to make 1 lesson plan in each partner school.´ - I am posting because it is maybe tie to consider strategy, choosing the right kids and other steps. There is no need to wait for November and December.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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