Plan for September

22.09.2016 18:42

1. Skype meeting 15th at 8pm your time
2. Skype conference - we need to pair up students and make them create skype account (it will be a good idea to collect their skype passwords in case they lost or dont remember them, and there are such students for sure), so we don´t have to face some stressfull situation again.
- the first topic will be Introducing and Free Time and Entertainment, so get ready your equipment :-)
3. Mobility to Romania - don´t forget to send reg. form, so that Oti can order T-shirt in time and arrange other things, too. Oti will give us some info about the games, programme etc. tomorrow
4. Monitoring report - don´t forget to write monitoring report due to your deadline
5. Intellectual outputs -
O1 -
Czech video is done, Oti will extract the script, Osman will send me the raw file after some editing I will pass it on to Alek (last version of our guide attached)
O2 - 2 other Czech speaking tests are done, I haven´t recieved any others, so please send them to me and place them on google drive too
6. Megabook of teambuilding games - See the attachment Czech part is 85% done, without grammar corection and there are some missing things
7. CLIL- I haven´t recieved any CLIL lesson plans so far too
8. Mobility Tool - our NA told us to fill in the things we have completed so far in Mobility Tool. I saw Osman has filled the things and I´ve done it too.
9. Place some photos and article on etwinning web about 1st public speaking event and send them to Oti, so she can post them on FB


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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