Project plan for April

02.05.2016 13:14

Plan for April:

1. Skype conference - topic is "Sport", don´t forget to take some pictures or videos (if you want) and place them on eTwinning with your commentary
2. Pass it further - Romanian´s turn, deadline is Mobility in Romania in September
3. Mobility in Czech - 23th-27th
preparation phase:
a) number of students: Czech (3 boys+3 girls), Romania (2 boys+4 girls), Turkey (3 boys+3 girls), Bulgaria (2 boys+4 girls), any changes? Tell me about it!
b) T-shirt size - very important, please send me the sizes of teachers and students as quickly as you can, so that we have enough time to make T-shirts
c) arrival and departure time to Prague airport - very important, send me your time so I can plan what time to book Regiojet for you and the bus which pick you up in peace (Oti will arrive at Prague around 9 a.m., Naibe around 2.30 p.m., Alek .....?, + leaving time), if it possible plan your leave approx. at the same time with the others
d) prepare your students for quite busy week with lots of games and little time for relax, bring western clothes with you (jeans, cowboy hat, checked shirt, cowboy scarf and other sport clothes and trainers). Why western clothes? Whole camp will be themed focused on "Gold Rush" with problem solving games.
e) please check your budget I sent you and write me if it is OK or you want me to lower expanses for a trip, do some changes or cancel it at all.
4. Dissemination - if you wrote something about the project (mobility in BUlgaria etc.) to newspaper, TV, school sites, post the link on eTwinning
5. Skype meeting Friday 8th or Sunday 10th - leave me a message which is more suitable for you


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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