Project plan for February 2016

23.02.2016 17:18

Project plan for February 2016

1. Upload all the feedbacks from January skype conference
2. Continue working on Speaking Assessment Guide, Greece will put all the pages together and upload the file on Google drive
3. Speaking tests - Czech will check all the tests and tell the others to make all the necessary changes, each of us will upload at least 3 videos of speaking test, store the documents for assessment
4. A6 - How is the news created? - keep on working on the news, deadline - the end of February
5. Skype conf. - the usual procedure as every month, set the date with your partner, topic "My House", (see the speaking card), upload the feedback
6. Pass it further - Czech, it is in progress, the text is prepared for the narrating
7. First mobility in Bulgaria is in the phase of preparation, write some important information for us and send us the file please. Make a detailed description of each day, give us info about payment and accomodation, Alek will:
a) send us the detailed timetable of the stay with the games
b) description of the games and demands on us
c) prepare the certificates for all the participants, including teachers - we will write the list of students with their names
d) prepare the list of attandance
e) prepare the products for publicity (roll up, T-shirts - we will send him the sizes of students and ours)
f) invitation for Osman
g) is responsible for the invoices for payment
h) prepare and send the list of paired students sharing the same room (after he recieves our list of students), it will be good if he pairs up the students from the skype conf. which we can help him with.
8.Regular meeting each Friday at 7.30 your time
9. Dissemination: don´t forget to disseminate our project whereever you can and upload everything on eTwinning


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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