Project plan for January 2016

31.12.2015 17:15

Project plan for January

1. upload all the feedbacks from December skype conf. and from making videocards which was created by Alek
2. We should finalise our Assessment Guide for Speaking, however it will still remanins an open document, upload all your parts on goole drive as word doc. not pdf file sothat Osman can put it all together. Osman, you will have to unify the vocabulary. Please use this formating style:
font style: Calibri
size: 11
subcaption: 11 in bold
caption: size 14/bold
numbering: 1.1 / 1.1.1 / etc.
deadline: Friday 22nd
3. Speaking tests - upload both tests as word doc. file on google drive. We will go through all the tests and if we find something we will let you know - all the pictures in the tests must have a link on the last page (for checking)
deadline: Friday 22nd
- we need to test 30 students, 15 who are participating in skype conf. and the other 15 (deadline the end of January), while testing record the
the video at least of 10 students at different levels for our later use and intetion.
4. A6 - How is the news created? - we changed deadline until the end of February, take the pictures or videos during the excursion in television and place on your site on etwinning
5. Skype conf. - the usual procedure as every month, set the date with your partner because of different term holidays, feedbacks, topic is Christmas and Celebration of New Year´s Eve
6. Pass it further - Czech is working on it
7. Alek, start preparing first mobility in Bulgaria, write some important informationfor us and send us the file please. Make a detailed description of each day, NA may need it.
8. That´s all :-)


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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