Project plan for March

02.05.2016 13:13

Plan for March

The most important subject for this month is short-term exchanges of groups of students taking place from 13th to 19th March in Chelopech.

1. Bulgarian coordinator will send the information about the teambuilding games.
- Czech will prepare template for teambuilding games
- Rom will prepare the general feedbacks of the games for students and teachers (adjust the feedback we use for all the activities)
- Tur will prepare feedback of the whole mobility for students and teachers (adjust Czech feedback)
- all of us will take as many pictures for Megabook as possible
- all participating students will prepare the presentation about the culture of own country and school which will be presented at the welcome party (PowerPoint, food, flags, famous persons, habits, school successes etc.)

2. Skype conference - My day + uploading the feedbacks on eTwinning
3. Creating the news - finishing and uploading the news + feedback (in attachment - made by Oti)
4. Pass it further - first part will be hand over in Bulgaria
5. Take positive energy and prepare to work hard


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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